About Us

Over 12 years of operating large embroidery facilities, one of the main challenges we used to face during production is to find good quality embroidery bobbins, at reasonable price.

We tried most of the Embroidery Bobbins available in the North American Market. The majority are just bad quality that comes with all different kind of problems. Some are acceptable until half way then they start breaking.  Others are way over priced. The results make the machines constantly stop, causing long delays in production &/OR waste of materials & money.

We decided to set standard criteria of high quality materials integrated with specific spinning consistency  which can only be produced by state of the art equipment, to manufacture a maximum performance embroidery & Sewing bobbins.

After 2 years of testing bobbins, changing materials, adjusting equipment, and with lots of patience, we came up with BATABOFF BOBBINS: excellent quality, runs to the end, with a very reasonable price.

Now, BATABOFF ® is one of the major leading brands in the North American Embroidery & Sewing Bobbins market.